About Caroline Baldock

Caroline loves history, fantasy and tradition tales. In her childhood she grew up with Hans Christian Anderson and Grimm’s Tales and traditional stories, which abounded in those days. Her Grandmother was a storyteller and she recalls to this day some of the stories she first heard from her. She was also one of England’s first professional female flat jockey’s and has many stories from her life in racing which she has been sharing with storytelling groups.

Among her repertoire are;

  • Tales from ‘One Thousands and One nights.’
  • Edmund Spencer, The Fairy Queen,
  • Stories from Ovid, Metamorphosis,
  • The Minor Canon,
  • Tales from her racing past,

A host of traditional stories and those reworked and gleaned from other writers such as;

  • Italo Canvino, Jeremy james, Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.
  • Stories from Mongolia, Collected Horse stories.
  • Women who run with the Wolves, collected stories.
  • Nordic stories.
  • Also stories of Highwaymen and women.
  • Tales from the Sea.
  • Crossing the Atlantic on the Golden Hinde,