Storytelling, Why?

Listen to Caroline talking to Mr Winter on Surrey Hills Radio about her storytelling.

In ancient times before writing and reading were common, it was important to pass on experiences and wisdom to the next generation. How best to do that but with allegory and symbolism.

By telling tales clothed in warnings about the Devil and the love of money or the relationship between fathers and daughters and stepmothers and their daughters, stories full of potent warning were created. The greatest of these are of course the creation myths. Every aboriginal community, every native of every land will have these stories to hand. They describe how the world began for each and every native community with special weight put on their problems, their wildlife their landscape.

So these stories creation and of Gods grew and created their own landscape. The Classic Greek Myths, the Siberian myths, the Mesopotamian myths, The Russian Folk tales, the Irish folk myths, the Welsh folk tales, I could go on. But every person makes up a story to explain the quirks and foibles of humanity. They come to us with warnings with reflections about quests about have believe in yourself and staying power. The film of life’s rich tapestry is moving slowing and revealing the patterns and pictures and power of mystery and invention and of knowledge.

Tales also twist reality they create a sense of security just at the moment when you should be on your guard, beware the fairies. Beware the big bad wolf, beware the giant in the castle, for you will have to be clever to outsmart them.

Quest stories have peopled our literature, King Arthur and the search for the Holy Grail, which is really another word for eternal life, forgiveness. The quest stories are many and cover a wide range of subjects from stolen swords and hunting down dragons. To Kraken Cups and monsters rising from the sea. Beowulf is anther well known one.

The Odyssey another, a story of war and loss of shipwreck and enchantment. The search of a father for his home and his son for his father.

This rich seam can be unearthed and shared like gold, it is a great wealth it here for you.